Women, Witches, Witches, Women

Witches, Women, Women, Witches A Poem  Women’s bodiesWomen’s ways  Healing throughout history Birthing throughout history They said it couldn’t beThey said it shouldn’t be They said we couldn’t beThey said we shouldn’t be Our bodies, our powersOur bodies, our gifts  They’ve been trying to erase and replace us For centuries now  Goddess carvings predate it allFemale bodies worshipedContinue reading “Women, Witches, Witches, Women”

Wildfire Afternoon

Wildfire AfternoonA Poem We play Animal Crossing until noon, and then Swim in the apartment complex pool  With the tiny bodies of flies, bees, and moths as Company, pray tell what ambitions should one have in a pandemic, What poems should a poet write, What odes to nature when nature is on fire? What ode to humanity When humanityContinue reading “Wildfire Afternoon”

Okay Boomer

I don’t know if you know this but anyone can be a boomer, it’s not strictly hard line boring old age being called onto the carpet, out into the ring, but it is this mentality, this mentality that has caught us up, got us stuck, mostly unaware, it’s not just you being old, or beingContinue reading “Okay Boomer”

Upon Learning that Planets Make Sounds

The earth is loud. Those of us here well, we already knew that. It’s loud down here too,we take up space and send twitter feeds to Mars, they come back rejected nobody wants that, alien or human, we are annoying. The other planets make sounds like humming or ocean waves –  we make sounds like TV, likeContinue reading “Upon Learning that Planets Make Sounds”


America is one big Covid PartyOutside my window, down below  A baby shower is taking place Tables and tables of people, a DJ, catering  Not a mask in sight, I sigh and pull down the shadeAmerica is hopped up on COVID now, like anything  Else, we are easily addicted, easily fooled, peopleKeep thinking kids need theirContinue reading “COVID Party USA”