Wildfire Afternoon

Wildfire AfternoonA Poem We play Animal Crossing until noon, and then Swim in the apartment complex pool  With the tiny bodies of flies, bees, and moths as Company, pray tell what ambitions should one have in a pandemic, What poems should a poet write, What odes to nature when nature is on fire? What ode to humanity When humanityContinue reading “Wildfire Afternoon”

Animal Crossing

Animal CrossingA 2020 American Haiku Series  I plant flowersCatch bugs and run Around my own island  Nothing is on fireNo one has a virus Everyone is friendly  Escape into Animal Crossing Is a 2020 mood  If only we could give giftsEat fruit and sell weeds and branchesIn real life  The night comes I talk to a ghost The goals are rewardingContinue reading “Animal Crossing”


America is one big Covid PartyOutside my window, down below  A baby shower is taking place Tables and tables of people, a DJ, catering  Not a mask in sight, I sigh and pull down the shadeAmerica is hopped up on COVID now, like anything  Else, we are easily addicted, easily fooled, peopleKeep thinking kids need theirContinue reading “COVID Party USA”

I don’t know if I’m a person anymore or just a thing that fights

We said we would do it later And the joke is, the thing is, time  We wanted a break, a rest, we wanted And now we would break down for a bit of certainty  A bit of routine, a bit of it’s safe, it’s safe, it’s all clearI don’t know if I’m a person anymore or justContinue reading “I don’t know if I’m a person anymore or just a thing that fights”