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Dream Trilogy Poems

I. My Time Sometimes the dreams are so vivid.He’s back and he’s acting like nothing happened.  Like I should be so lucky, like we can forget.I look it up and the internet says it is because I am  Trying to process something, to get closure, to Finish the unfinished work on my own. I  Do not…

Women, Witches, Witches, Women

Witches, Women, Women, Witches A Poem  Women’s bodiesWomen’s ways  Healing throughout history Birthing throughout history They said it couldn’t beThey said it shouldn’t be They said we couldn’t beThey said we shouldn’t be Our bodies, our powersOur bodies, our gifts  They’ve been trying to erase and replace us For centuries now  Goddess carvings predate it allFemale bodies worshiped…


Justice In my home officeNo one uses too much creamer  But I always have to be the one to make the coffeeIn my home office I pull a tarot card to kick off the morning It was this or finally start that yoga or meditation thing It’s a major arcana, from my Goddess deck, and it…

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